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Aluminum Quality build, just returned from Circumnavigation. Great layout and pilothouse!


From the listing:


When we saw STORMVOGEL for the first time in a winter shed in THE NETHERLANDS we fell in love with its beautiful shaped hull. We thought “Jesus, 48 foot is a big ship – too big for a crew of two?”. KOOPMANS 48 yachts offers a lot of space on and below deck, but manage the trick of looking modest. This is because of clever hull dimensions, classic bow design and a narrow stern, to make a traditional yacht shape that pleases the eye. Compared to modern production yachts, KOOPMANS yachts are strongly focused on seaworthiness. Other prodution boats focus on many cabins and big spaces like dance floors inside the cabin. It makes sense as these yachts are designed for coastal charter cruising with a big crew, not for short-handed offshore sailing like a KOOPMANS 48.


As always, if you want some highly sophisticated special things in your boat, it’s going to be more expensive. Basically, a KOOPMANS is always a “one-off” yacht. Maybe the hull looks very similar to another KOOPMANS but the interior will be different. But KOOPMANS designs also boats for production yards, like BREEHORN, (in the past) HUTTING, CONCORD or VICTORIE. If you are going to build a new aluminium yacht like STORMVOGEL, you will need three years of time and a budget of 1.200000,- EURO.

Mr. Dick Koopmans (senior) wrote a book about boat building. Unfortunately, this book is only available in Dutch language, but here you can buy it.


A real hull highlight is the massive centre board construction of STORMVOGEL which offers a variable draft of 1.45m to 2.70m. We can assure you – it makes perfect sense on a trip sailing around the world. While downwind sailing on the big ocean crossings you keep the centre board up so STORMVOGEL has a low draft and a very safe long keel which also protects the rudder and the propeller very well. Only if you need to tack against serious headwinds do you put the centre board down – than the underwater hull looks like a normal keel boat and you will make a very good way windward.


There are two opinions about painted aluminium yachts with a massive teak deck. One camp loves them very much, the others fears the potential aluminium corrosion and washed-out teak. STORMVOGEL is painted and has a full teak deck. So the yacht looks really noble, with some understatement. We like this very much. Do you like this, too? You should visit STOMVOGEL!
Of course this beautiful combination of full painted aluminium and teak needs some attention and maintenance. But for the hull material aluminium is definitively beyond question. It is really solid and will never get old. Compared to steel it’s much lighter, compared to fibreglass it’s much more solid. The NETHERLANDS based yacht yards are specialised in building painted aluminium hulls. After welding the aluminium hull the hull it’s professional coated by a thick layer of epoxy. On top of the epoxy, the painting is done. As long as you maintain the epoxy layer very well, you will have no trouble with the hull painting as the aluminium will not corrode below. So if you damage the epoxy layer by an accident, repair it as soon as possible.


On deck it’s more difficult. As the aluminum has a different behaviour (especially in extremes of temperature) than teak, the two materials are working against each other. To prevent this, a plywood layer is installed in between the aluminum and teak. This helps, but at the end after many years (depends on usage / cruising area) you need to re-fit the deck.


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